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Nature's ultimate detoxifier, purifier, cleanser and deodoriser.  Chlorella is a pure green microlalgae abundant in essential micronutrients and RNA/DNA nucleic acids

The “Double” Secret of Chlorella’s Success
Chlorella has helped thousands of people get their health back on track, because it has something no other food has to help you undo years of damage done by illness and unhealthy habits with amazing results. Because they’re healthier on the inside, many people report such positive changes as:

    - Maintaining healthy circulation, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels
    - Cleansing of toxins from junk food, cigarettes, and poor diet that bog you down and trigger illness
    - A more restful night’s sleep and more get-up-and-go to enjoy activities you love
    - Better elimination and help for ulcers and digestive upset
    - Improved skin tone, soft, thick hair and strong nails 
    ...and so much more!

How can one whole food supplement do all of this? At the very core of each Chlorella cell lies two amazing properties:

1. The richest source of nucleic acids — more than any other food on earth! You may know that nucleic acids are the basic building blocks of life — and are critical to keep your natural defense system working in peak condition. An abundance of these nucleic acids helps your body to reproduce the immune-enhancing cells that can help you feel young, healthy and vibrant.

Research shows that your body loses its precious ability to make nucleic acids — or RNA and DNA — as you age, making your cells inefficient. Illness creeps up on you before you know it. This means YOU feel weak and tired and old. You even look old!

One of the best ways to revitalize your body is to get these vital nucleic acids into your diet.

Unfortunately, most foods today are depleted of nucleic acids through processing. But ounce-per-ounce, Chlorella has much more than even canned sardines, which were once thought to have the highest nucleic acid content of any food.

For you this means Chlorella can give you stronger natural defenses to get healthy and stay healthy!

2. The remarkable Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) provides super youth enhancement to help your body renew itself and fight off the harmful effects of the premature aging process.

You won’t find CGF in any vitamin, mineral or herb.

It is only found in chlorella and it contains a unique mixture of nature’s most potent agents that nourish and replenish your body. CGF is naturally “built in” to the heart of each Chlorella cell in a way that optimizes your body’s ability to absorb and benefit from it the most.

How does it do this? CGF actually gives your body “the signal” it needs to build NEW cells. When you take Chlorella with CGF, you get a constant supply of strong new cells to revitalize your health and make you feel young again.

The internal programming of CGF makes it possible for the chlorella cells to actually quadruple themselves every 24 hours while they’re first being grown in their natural environment. So one cell becomes four new cells, and so on and so on. And when cells keep dividing to create new cells, you see and feel renewal in so many ways.

Chlorella helps

    - replenish your cells for more youthful skin and a fresher appearance
    - give you more energy to exercise and be more active so you can burn more unwanted fat easier
    - stimulate new cell growth for stronger, healthier muscles and tissues
    - speed up your body’s natural revitalization 

Randall E. Merchant, Ph.D.
Head of Neurosurgery, Virginia Commonwealth University, Medical College of Virginia and renowned medical researcher who has done extensive clinical studies on Chlorella
Stunning Research Shows Chlorella Maintains Healthy Cholesterol Levels, Blood Pressure Levels and Digestion!

Studies conducted by Dr. Randall E. Merchant at the Virginia Commonwealth University, Medical College of Virginia, showed the beneficial effects of 6g of Chlorella a day on patients with blood pressure, chronic fatigue, cholesterol, inflammation, and sleep disorders. Here are some of the notable results:

More than 90 percent of study subjects with colon and bowel trouble found that taking Chlorella helped improve these uncomfortable and embarrassing conditions!

Nearly 40 percent of patients in this study maintained healthy blood pressure levels while taking this pure whole food Chlorella every day for two months. Better yet, all of the patients were able to keep their cholesterol levels healthy and balanced at the same time.

Nearly 70 percent of clinical trial participants with chronic muscle concerns, tendon and ligament problems, morning stiffness, and recurring headaches saw an improvement in their conditiions.

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